The Rock Himself Head Of The Table, Admits WrestleMania Match Has Been Discussed

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The Rock Labels Himself Head Of The Table, Admits WrestleMania Match Has Been Discussed

 Fans often speculate about the person who will finally remove Roman Reigns from his title every time he defeats another challenger and prolongs his reign. The Rock’s name always comes up when that occurs. The People’s Champ may have unintentionally fueled rumours this week that Rock and Reigns might face off in the main event of WrestleMania Hollywood.

The Real Head Of The Table

The Rock is currently promoting his forthcoming DC film Black Adam, which opens in theatres everywhere on October 21. Rock was questioned about the head of the table during an interview with E! News while on that promotional trip. The ex-WWE champion responded that the interviewer was now gazing into his eyes, which was obviously the response she was looking for.

The Great One quickly responded that Rock was not at all stating that he will face Reigns for the championship at the upcoming WrestleMania. But when prodded further, he revealed that not only does the thought of participating in a WrestleMania excite him, but that he has also talked about it with someone close to him.

Who Has The Rock Spoken To About WrestleMania?

I’m close to many people there, but I’m particularly close to one with whom we have discussed this. There are so many different factors at play,” added Rock. The numerous other projects he is working on at any given moment are the variables. He has a long list of projects in the works, some of which we probably haven’t even heard of yet, including making his own tequila, raising his children, and possibly running for president. He is quite active.

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The most likely choice, of course, is Reigns, with whom The Rock has been speaking about a potential WrestleMania appearance. Given that The Game is in charge of putting this ideal match together if there is even the remotest potential, Triple H may still be involved. If The Rock does make another appearance, it won’t be until his squash contest against Erick Rowan at WrestleMania 32.

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