SmackDown Winners and Losers: Sami Uso And Uncle Howdy Steal The Show

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SmackDown Winners and Losers: Sami Uso And Uncle Howdy Steal The Show

 Roman Reigns chastised The Bloodline for being childishly at the beginning of this week’s SmackDown. One of the most unforgettable commercials we’ve ever seen. Additionally, Emma’s return to WWE and Uncle Howdy’s official debut in the Bray Wyatt storyline were featured on SmackDown. The in-ring action wasn’t nearly up to level with some of the previous SmackDown battles, but the narratives conveyed and the promos cut were noteworthy moments that viewers’ viewers will speak about for a long time.

Winner: Bloodline Airing Dirty Laundry

Roman Reigns entered the ring after the first bout of the evening was lost, and he had Sami Zayn and Jey Uso resolve their differences in public. Jey refused to accept Zayn’s apology for whatever it was that had angered her. Sami wasn’t of the gang, according to Jey, and wasn’t related by blood. In his words, he was a “fake-ass Uce.” Jey made a mistake when he declared he didn’t care what The Tribal Chief wanted when Sami said Reigns wanted them to make peace. This caused Roman and Jey to engage in a theatrical stare-down while the crowd chanted “you fuc—d up.” Zayn made an effort to support Jey by defending him. Almost everyone of the group participated in the conversation between Zayn and Roman as they When the term “Ucy” kept being used, the group frequently faltered and lost their composure. Reigns eventually threatened to rename Sami Uso and elevate him to full Uso status.

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Although the character changes somewhat diminished the intensity, this was such a fun segment. Fans can’t help but join in on the fun because it’s so obvious that everyone is having a great time with this plot. It was fantastic to see their own personalities come through in this situation.

Winner: New Day

To establish The New Day as a serious competitor in the tag team division, a straightforward tag bout was planned between them and Maximum Male Models. Even while New Day will always be legendary, their convincing victory against a weaker foe serves as a timely reminder for everyone to pay attention to them in the tag team championship scenario. WWE should be supportive of The Usos considering that they are poised to shatter the record for the longest tenure as tag team champions.

Winner: Emma Returns

Emma made her comeback almost five years to the day after her last appearance in WWE. She responded to Ronda Rousey’s Open Challenge. Up until Rousey missed a knee shot and hit the ring steps, Emma was thoroughly dominated. Emma grabbed some momentum, but Rousey quickly regained it with to the Rondaconda. Rousey erred by making fun of the audience and her rival, giving Emma another opportunity. Emma appeared to have a chance after a few close pins, but Rousey eventually caught her opponent’s attention, hit The Piper’s Pit, and locked in an armbar to win.

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Unknown: Uncle Howdy

It doesn’t happen often, but the Bray Wyatt and Uncle Howdy sequence that ended SmackDown qualifies as neither a winner nor a loser. It’s challenging to assess WWE’s direction at this point because it’s so tough to know what to make of it. Wyatt appeared in front of the crowd and spoke to the crowd in his natural state, telling them he wanted to interact with them without a mask. Uncle Howdy interrupted him by appearing on the television and said, “You’re lying. We both know it’s untrue despite your assertion that you don’t wear a mask. You can see me. You won’t be able to run from me ever… Hello, your Uncle”

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