Ronda Rousey Wants WWE To Drop The Word Women’s From Its Title Names

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Ronda Rousey Wants WWE To Drop The Word Women's From Its Title Names

 After defeating Liv Morgan at Extreme Rules, Ronda Rousey is once again the SmackDown Women’s Champion. The Rowdy One seems to be hoping that by reclaiming the title, she might persuade WWE to change the organization’s name. The new champion requests that the word “Women’s” be removed from the title of her gold medal and likely the Raw equivalent.

The SmackDown Champion

Through her YouTube channel, Rousey disclosed that she has already spoken with WWE about that. “I no longer want the word “women” in the title. And I believe they are struggling to get it out,” Rousey said. I thought, “Can I just not have to say it? ” at that point. So, that’s basically where it is now. Wrestlelamia deserves credit for the transcribing.

That suggests the going ahead, Rousey won’t identify to herself as the SmackDown Women’s Champion and might not even hear that title used by commentators or anyone else in the WWE. Despite the fact that Rousey hasn’t suggested a different name for her championship, it is likely that she is advocating for it to be known simply as the SmackDown Championship, at least while she has it.

 Rhea Ripley’s Title Change Trial

If WWE decides to experiment with a little change to the names of the Women’s Titles, it wouldn’t be the first time it had tried something similar. The NXT Women’s Title was known as the NXT Championship for a very brief time while Rhea Ripley held the title. Since the men’s championship is also known as the NXT Championship, that proved to be a little problematic, and the alteration was swiftly undone.

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If WWE has truly changed the name of their main roster Women’s Championships, then that won’t be an issue. The word “Women’s” can be dropped from both SmackDown and Raw without causing any problems because neither show has a title. It could be a little more difficult to accomplish the same with the Tag Titles, but even that is possible because the men’s Tag Team Championships are both associated with certain shows.

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