Roman Reigns Vs Jon Moxley Vs Seth Rollins: 3 Things Each Shield Member Is Best At

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Roman Reigns Vs Jon Moxley Vs Seth Rollins: 3 Things Each Shield Member Is Best At

 The Shield was one of the most well-liked factions in WWE history, but it was also obvious that when it was time for them to break out, they were going to be very successful as singles opponents. Ten years after their debut, the three men are still some of the biggest names in professional wrestling even though they don’t all work at the same facility.

There are several aspects of the profession that each man excels at, whether it be from an in-ring viewpoint, a character perspective, or another angle. They are all extremely talented, and while most of these opinions are subjective, they all provide amazing talent.

Roman Reigns: Playing A Dominant Heel Champion

Roman Reigns has established himself as one of the greatest dominant champions of all time during the past two years in the WWE. Due to the influence he has over WWE and his faction, Reigns’ attitude can appear nuanced at times, yet he never loses his sense of menace.

He hasn’t frequently appeared to be dropping the Universal Championship since capturing it two years ago, and even then, he has persisted and triumphed in the match. He demonstrates how a dominantly booked heel can be fierce while still being a villain and drawing jeers.

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Jon Moxley: Passionate Promo Work

All three men have continuously improved their promo work since making their main roster debuts with WWE, but Moxley has always had one of the most distinctive promo techniques in the entire globe.

When Moxley speaks, it doesn’t sound staged; rather, it sounds genuine and sincere. Possibly Eddie Kingston is the only person in professional wrestling right now who can generate the kind of reaction and emotion that Moxley can when he has a microphone in his hand.

Seth Rollins: Playing A Cowardly Heel

While Rollins excels in portraying a cowardly chicken-poo heel, Roman Reigns can play the dominant heel well. He was a standout in the WWE throughout his time in The Authority thanks to his fantastic character performance, ideal team of lackeys, and successful WWE Championship reign.

His fancy attire and occasionally bombastic demeanour serve as a shield against the reality that he will take short routes to win, even though he may not be as cowardly as he formerly was. He still retains the arrogance and smarminess that work so well in his character.

Roman Reigns: Leading A Faction

Although Jon Moxley’s Blackpool Combat Club group is entertaining, they haven’t yet seemed like a powerful force and he isn’t truly a leader. Buddy Murphy and the AOP were among the people Seth Rollins led during his tenure as “The Messiah,” but neither of those groups can match Roman Reigns and The Bloodline.

Being in charge of a faction that includes members of his family while serving as the “Head of the Table” is amazing. Reigns’ leadership of the faction—possibly the best in modern professional wrestling—works flawlessly. Even while Reigns is the centre of attention, each member is permitted to have their own personality.

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Jon Moxley: Playing The Babyface

When it comes to being a babyface in the WWE, Reigns and Rollins have both had their ups and downs, but Moxley has consistently managed to draw the most supportive responses, regardless of the subpar storylines he has been a part of. Despite being frequently portrayed as the third-most crucial member of The Shield, the WWE fans were drawn to him.

As the top face in AEW since his debut, a three-time WWE Champion, and a draw in numerous other locations throughout the wrestling industry, his popularity has soared even more since leaving WWE.

Seth Rollins: Mind Games

All three are excellent storytellers, but Rollins now leads the whole wrestling industry in mind tricks and psychological warfare.

He is able to capitalise on his opponents’ vulnerabilities while still enjoying himself when he makes shots or plays games. His wrestling outfits, for instance, versus wrestlers like Rey Mysterio, Roman Reigns, Matt Riddle, and Cody Rhodes, have all been customised to reflect various aspects of their life or occupations, which makes for fascinating entertainment.

Roman Reigns: Telling A Story In The Ring

Every member of The Shield can tell a great tale, but Roman Reigns’ work over the past two years has been a cut above the work of the vast majority of people in the industry.

Reigns uses a slower, more “epic” style of wrestling than most WWE wrestlers, but he fills the quiet moments with taunts, cunning psychology, or audience interaction. Since his 2020 comeback, there hasn’t often been a match that the audience hasn’t been riveted by, which is proof that delivering a wonderful in-ring story works wonders.

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Jon Moxley: Elevating Others

It seems like the person on the losing end wins every time Jon Moxley enters the ring. Even in battles where he exerts greater dominance, individuals in the ring are still given the opportunity to stand out and deliver their best performances, elevating themselves in the process.

For instance, following a battle with Moxley in AEW, the stocks of players like Daniel Garcia, Wheeler Yuta, and even more recognisable names like Rush all increased. He is the epitome of a “fighting champion,” which benefits the other players on the team.

Seth Rollins: Consistently High Quality Matches

Although both Reigns and Moxley have excellent in-ring performances in some areas, Rollins is among the world’s top workers in terms of work rate and in-ring performance.

When he can just wrestle, he doesn’t have a terrible bout, and he has the highest-rated page of the three on, with more higher-rated matches.

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