Raw Winners and Losers: Season Premiere Includes Lesnar, Good Brothers, A Title Change

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Raw Winners and Losers: Season Premiere Includes Lesnar, Good Brothers, A Title Change


There was much to look forward to in Raw’s season premiere programme on Monday. The broadcast that followed an extensive Extreme Rules included a stacked card, DX’s 25th Anniversary celebration, and additional video of Bray Wyatt’s comeback. Unexpected returns, a hint at a few major events for next week, and a title change that makes a lot of sense from a booking perspective were all there.

Here are your October 10, 2022, winners and losers from Raw:

Opening Bloodline Segment

The Bloodline kicked off the show after a backstage interview with DX, and the crowd was hot for the trio, especially the overexcited Sami Zayn. Jey Uso was set to receive a reprimand from Roman Reigns for acting so erratically, but Zayn wanted to handle the situation, which made sense given that The Head of the Table identified Jey as Sami’s problem going forward. When Zayn delightfully advised Jey to keep his calm, Jey enquired as to whether he was being ribbed. As a result, Riddle confronted Reigns. Riddle dared someone else to take the lead after the Tribal Chief declined. Jey viewed it as a chance to give Zayn to the wolves. Zayn concurred.

Loser: Austin Theory

It’s a good thing Theory holds the Money In the Bank briefcase at this point because the championship ticket doesn’t care about your win/loss record. Even the biggest loser in the ring, which Theory is swiftly developing into, can win the bet and take the title. The future will undoubtedly bring about that. In the interim, we’ll monitor how frequently Theory fails. Both players looked good in this match, which was good, but Theory’s losing streak is beginning to be apparent. Gargano demonstrated that while the instructor may have taught the pupil a lot, not everything he knows.

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Winner: Dom Embarrassing Rey Mysterio

 Gable It’s not ideal to pick up another loss, but that little point was immediately overlooked when Dominik and Judgment Day singled out Rey and made him take a thrashing for refusing to strike his own son. Rey had to put up with the group getting inside Dom’s brain week after week as a result of WWE playing Don’s move to the dark side perfectly slowly. The WWE wants Dom to be despised by the public, and this is happening. This had to be drawn out, and it is now.

The O.C. Reunites

Rey was killed by Judgment Day, and they boasted about killing Edge and Beth Phoenix. Finn Balor focused on AJ Styles after revisiting the Extreme Rules video footage. Balor was correct; Styles acknowledged the need for friends. In reality, he dragged out his old friends Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows while pretending to join Judgment Day. The six soldiers engaged in combat, and Judgment Day scurried.

Winner: LeRae Defeats Bayley In An Upset Win

After losing to Bianca Belair at Extreme Rules, Bayley was seeking for a positive experience. She expected to defeat Candice LeRae, but things didn’t quite turn out that way. After that, Damage CNTRL assaulted LeRae, and Belair was left lying there after attempting to assist. It wasn’t like it used to be in the women’s division, but the match was shorter than how matches have recently been scheduled.

Brock Lesnar Returns, Rollins Wins the United States Championship

Due to his star power, any time Brock Lesnar makes a comeback in the WWE, the segment will probably be regarded as a success. When his music plays, there is a huge pop, and this was no different. When The Beast Incarnate addressed the audience, Lesnar started to address Lashley but then attacked him. Lashley had been talking about how he was going to be a fighting champion when Lesnar interrupted him. With two F5s and a Kimora Lock, he set him up. If Lashley was still going to face Seth Rollins to defend his United States Championship, WWE turned to a commercial.

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The answer was yes, and even a wounded Rollins found Lashley to be an easy target. To get Lashley to agree to a match, Rollins launched cheap jabs at his sense of patriotism. Lashley exited to only receive a pedigree for a spear. He walked away. Rollins made a splash with a frog. Lashley made another kick. With only one functioning arm, Lashley was unable to use The Hurt Lock after Rollins botched a stomp and Lashley hit a spear. In the end, Rollins scored twice to claim the victory.

DX 25th Anniversary Celebration

After Riddle defeated Sami Zayn, DX arrived in their WCW invasion jeep and finished the event. It was a sentimental experience that didn’t offer much more than a sense of nostalgia. This may have been a chance for WWE to use the group to push someone over, but since X-PAC was the only person in the ring who might have have been able to take a bump, it seems sense that WWE decided against it.

Road Dogg is a bit much, but tonight he seemed especially silly. The gang frequently tripped over one another, but it’s good to see that they are finally taking a minute to say farewell after such a long time. It’s a shame Billy Gunn wasn’t able to participate in the play, but his job with AEW clearly prevented that.

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