Raw Winners and Losers: A Strong Raw Despite Triple H Not Running Things

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Raw Winners and Losers: A Strong Raw Despite Triple H Not Running Things

 The loaded episode of this week’s Raw had to go on without Triple H in charge. He tested positive for COVID, according to reports, thus the show would have to go on without its host. But because the lineup was so strong, Raw once more impressed.

The show began with Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley, and up until the last moments, when Elias, Riddle, Mustafa Ali, and Seth Rollins became entangled, it went quite smoothly.

Lesnar and Lashley Opening

As soon as the show began, Lashley had already entered the ring and was addressing Lesnar. The All-Mighty attempted to rush Lesnar to the ring as soon as he appeared. Until Lashley was able to push Lesnar through the announce table, they fought on the outside. This battle was won by Lashley.

The O.C vs. Alpha Academy

The mere fact that this match is taking place demonstrates how far the tag team division in WWE has come. Not long ago, the same teams frequently engaged in wrestling matches. Fans had never witnessed a contest like this before.

The O.C.’s return was welcome news. pulled up a significant victory with The Magic Killer to get them off to a good start. The bad news was that they defeated Alpha Academy, who keeps losing games. Following the victory, Judgment Day came out and criticised The O.C. head to Crown Jewel for a game. They agreed, and later on it was decided to add a match between Dominik and AJ Styes the night.

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WWE Misses Obvious With Baron Corbin

The WWE Hall of Famer made an appearance and ran down the state of Oklahoma, confirming the suspicions that JBL would take Corbin under his wing. Rey Mysterio’s departure, he claimed, signalled a transaction between Raw and SmackDown, and he then introduced Baron Corbin. While Whike Corbin didn’t really change, it was obvious that JBL would serve as his spokesperson going forward. The Wrestling God of old dubbed Corbin The Modern Day Wrestling God and predicted that tonight would mark the arrival of the greatest addition to Monday Night Raw ever.

This appears to be a failure for WWE. Corbin’s relationship with JBL looked to be a given, especially in light of Corbin’s financial history. WWE is attempting to market Corbin as the God of modern wrestling rather than sticking with the money theme. The connection between the mentor and the master is now a stretch because of his harsh equipment. Take advantage of low-hanging fruit occasionally. Put him in a suit, have him arrive in a limo, and let the conversation flow naturally. Since Corbin is a skilled microphone user, he could have succeeded.

Dominik vs. AJ Styles

In the evening’s biggest upset. Styles was beaten by Dominik with a roll-up pin, and Rhea Ripley contributed to the outcome. For the majority of the match, Stykes was shocked that he was pinned by a child he was trying to teach a lesson to. Both the match and the response to Dom’s victory were excellent. Which is precisely what WWE wanted—a furious crowd.

Elias’ Return

Elias’ ideal Monday night was just not possible. He intended to play a brand-new tune for the audience on the keyboard, but an overzealous Riddle fanboy and Rollins, who later appeared to defend the United States Championship, interrupted him.

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The main event of the evening was the United States Championship that came after. Riddle took it to Rollins early while Elias stayed to observe. On numerous occasions, Rollins and Ridlde came close to being pinned. Rollins attempted to bash his way out of the triangle that Riddle again found himself in. It wasn’t broken by a sit down power bomb either. Rollins rolled out of the ring after reaching the ropes. Rollins wanted Elias to strike him in an effort to be disqualified. Rollins gave him a superkick before running into Riddle once again in the ring. After losing control of his temper, Elias attempted to enter the ring, but the interruption allowed Rollins to score a Stomp for the victory.

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