Netflix faces backlash for ‘insulting the Queen’ in The Crown

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Netflix faces backlash for 'insulting the Queen' in The Crown

 Richard Fitzwilliams, a royal analyst and film critic, has called The Crown “an insult to the Queen” amid debate about its season five plotline.

According to The Sun, Fitzwilliams appeared to urge the streaming giant to put off the premiere of the new season of the show, writing: “As a gesture of respect following the passing of the Queen, Netflix could have delayed the series, which depicts events in the 1990s, a terrifying time for the Royal Family, but instead chose not to.

There is also the contentious matter of Diana’s tragic interview on Panorama and the shady manner in which it was obtained by the BBC, which afterwards took part in a heinous cover-up.”

According to reports, the public relations specialist said: “The Prince of Wales has spoken out against it ever being aired again. The dramatisation of this interview is clearly a key component of the next series, according to the teaser. It is unclear how it has decided to describe the events, since it was obviously impossible to portray them without doing so in some way.

The author also provided insight into the upcoming season of the royal drama in a statement that read, “However, unless it changes its policy on this, all that apparently matters to Netflix are the viewing figures even though it has turned the corner after a trying period, with more than 2million more subscribers. The royal and the dead cannot be sued .

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle signed a multi-million dollar deal with the video network. However, some critics and royal supporters believe that The Crown, the network’s most important series, poses a threat to the monarchy.

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Some people still insist that it is fiction rather than a documentary, thus they treat the programme as a drama rather than a documentary and encourage other people to watch it in the same way for amusement.

There are rumours that certain staff members may start referring to Queen Camilla instead of Prince William and Harry’s stepmother by the title “Consort” since she is King Charles’ wife.

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