Nasser Hussain Responds to Viral Statement on Controversial Pakistan-India Match

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Nasser Hussain Responds to Viral Statement on Controversial Pakistan-India Match

Yesterday’s T20I match between Pakistan and India at the Melbourne Cricket Ground had one of the most thrilling finishes in the tournament’s history thanks to Ravi Ashwin’s last-ball victory for his team. The match was played in front of a sold-out crowd.

The fast-paced confrontation between the two close neighbours will live long in the memory. However, it also called into doubt a number of umpire judgments, including the no-ball and byes after being bowled on a free hit.

On social media, angry cricket fans from around the world criticised leg umpire Marais Erasmus’ judgments, claiming that the official had sided with the Men in Blue because of pressure from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

Social media users were also spreading a tweet from the fictitious account of former England batter Nasser Hussain that read, “The umpires made some bizarre judgement in favour of India today maybe we should keep quiet and not anger ICC and BCCI.”

In response to the phoney tweet, the former England batsman wrote: “Probably best if you can delete this, please. It’s fake news and a bogus quote, and it certainly isn’t what a fantastic cricket match like this one deserves! Thanks.”

It is important to note that the leg umpire received a severe reprimand for failing to corroborate the third umpire’s no-ball call. Additionally, the officials avoided talking about Virat Kohli’s clean bowled on a free shot, which resulted in three additional runs.


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