Mi Earphones Basic Best Earphones Under Rs. 500 Review

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Mi Earphones Basic Best Earphones Under Rs. 500 Review

 Everyone who uses a mobile device occasionally wears earphones. Each company regularly releases both high-end and low-cost headphones. We’ll be reviewing the inexpensive Xiaomi earphone today. The Mi Basic Earphone Before getting into specifics, we can say that the Mi Earphone Basic is the most affordable pair of earphones on the market.

As we stated in the product’s title, it is priced at Rs. 399 on Amazon and falls inside the Rs. 500 price range. Therefore, the Mi Earphone Basic is the best option at this pricing. The product’s audio quality was likewise respectable enough to enjoy music and videos. Let’s examine the object in detail.


Looking inside the package after receiving the merchandise, it appears to be subpar. Due to the Mi Earphones’ simple packaging, which consists of a little package that only accommodates the item itself. You will find the earphone, two more sets of buds, and a user guide in the box.

As I already indicated, the packaging is not really impressive, but since we don’t care about the packaging, we can disregard it. All that is required is for the merchandise to arrive undamaged. Amazon will therefore safely send it to you. They should handle it; we will step back and let them.

Initial Look

Since we purchased the item for Rs. 399, it is considerably less expensive when compared to other products. Therefore, at first, we also considered several cheap, low-quality products. But we were mistaken. Xiaomi performed admirably. The product’s overall construction quality is either excellent for the price or far superior. Each earphone has its earbuds arranged in a particular way that gives the impression that it fits the ear very comfortably. Because compared to SkullCandy or JBL, the earphones will eventually fall out of the case. But Mi Earphones comfortably suit the ear.

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Sound Quality

We are startled again by this price range in this case. The sound quality is far greater than we anticipated. We do not claim that it is superior than other headsets. Mi Earphone offers you close to 60 to 70 percent of the sound quality of Skull Candy, which is one of my favourite headsets and is available through Flipkart for Rs. 999/-.

So for a price that is 60% cheaper than Skull Candy, you will be getting Mi Earphones, which offer a respectable experience.

Value For Money

Its value for the money is undeniable, as was previously said. You receive a nice product for Rs. 399/- that allows you to enjoy music, videos, phone calls, etc. Whether it’s an iPhone or an Android smartphone, it will function flawlessly on all of them. Additionally, we are not claiming that it is not the best headset available. However, if you’re seeking for a headset for less than Rs. 500, you can undoubtedly choose it. For Rs. 399, you can purchase it on Amazon India.


Mi Headphone Basic is the ideal option for you if your budget is less than Rs. 500 and you want a high-quality earphone. You’ll receive a high-quality, reasonably priced item. Skull Candy Ink’d is available on Flipkart for Rs. 1,000 or less, and you can purchase it there. If that is what you’re looking for, Skull Candy Ink’d is available on Flipkart for Rs. 999.

This product is for you if you use a headset on a regular basis as a regular user. It is available on Amazon for Rs. 399, so you shouldn’t hesitate.

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