Jim Cornette Explains Why The Bloodline Story Has Been “Tremendous” In WWE

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Jim Cornette Explains Why The Bloodline Story Has Been "Tremendous" In WWE

 The internal conflict of The Bloodline has developed into one of the best long-running plots in professional wrestling, and Jim Cornette recently discussed what motivates WWE’s most popular angle. The group members’ on-screen interactions give a new aspect to the story every time. The Usos, Sami Zayn, and Solo Sikoa have all benefited from Roman Reigns’ star power, making for some remarkably fascinating entertainment. It’s been good, and Jim Cornette clearly understands what makes it all function.

A recent edition of Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru featured an assessment of The Bloodline’s most recent SmackDown appearance by the seasoned professional. He declared, “Right now, this is the best crew in the business.” “This is the Four Horsemen of the present. The mighty Roman Reigns. Great Paul Heyman. Sami Zayn is extraordinary. Jim Cornette responded, “that’s wonderful,” when co-host Brian Last inquired about his feelings regarding the conflict between Zayn and Jey Uso a short while later. Cornette then clarified the appeal of The Bloodline narrative. “Everyone processes Sami Zayn in a different manner, and Sami is excellent in doing this, which is why he’s getting over like this in [The Bloodline],” said Sami. Jimmy is simply laid back, while Jey is the one who is vehemently opposed to Sami, but who recognises his good intentions. Because he is aware of Sami’s shortcomings and is aware of them. Roman is aware of this as well, but he plans to utilise Sami, and Jey is unwilling to put up with him. The way everyone interacts and how this is handled was carefully considered by [WWE].

The Bloodline Is A Ticking Time Bomb

The unpredictable nature of The Bloodline plot is possibly its strongest feature. Reigns turning on Zayn looked inevitable just a few weeks ago. Even though it lacked any subtlety, the story was nonetheless entertaining. Since the beginning of September, things have altered as the bonds between the group members continue to tighten and loosen. In contrast to some of the narrative WWE has created over the past few years, this one feels organic and fluid. Even the most famous feuds have occasionally felt awkward. For the side led by The Tribal Chief, such has not been the case.

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