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How to Watch Zoom Meetings on Android TV

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How to Watch Zoom Meetings on Android TV

 Zoom is a well-known video chat app that’s primarily utilised in professional settings. Install the Zoom Cloud Meetings app on your Android TV if you wish to communicate on Zoom using a larger screen. Unfortunately, you cannot just install it. The Downloader app must be used to install the Zoom Cloud Meetings apk version.

How to Install Zoom on Android TV Using Downloader App

  1. Connect your Android TV to a reliable internet connection after turning it on.
  2. On your Android TV, launch Google Play Store from the Apps area and install the Downloader.
  3. Activate the Android TV settings.
  4. Choose Device Preferences from the list of menu options.
  5. Select Security & Restrictions Unknown Sources by scrolling down.
  6. By turning on the Downloader switch, you may instruct your Android TV to use Downloader to install apps.
  7. Launch the Downloader app after going back to the home screen. Select Allow from the prompt’s menu.
  8. Before selecting the Go button, go to the URL bar and type in the URL for the Zoom Android TV apk.
  9. Await the download of the Zoom apk files.
  10. On the Installer tab after downloading, select Install.
  11. As soon as the installation is finished, select Done.
  12. Return to the home screen and select the Apps area to start the Zoom app.
  13. Launch the app once more, then set up your login information to join or start a meeting.
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How to Screen Mirror Zoom Meetings on Android TV

  1. Check to see if your Android smartphone and Android TV are using the same Wi-Fi.
  2. Download the Zoom app to your phone.
  3. Open the app, then log in to your account with the required information.
  4. Tap the Cast icon after opening the Notification Panel with a downward swipe.
  5. Choose the name of your Android TV from the list of compatible devices and provide screen mirroring permission.
  6. Once connected, the TV will display the screen from the smartphone.
  7. Watch the meeting on your TV while you start or join a new one.

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