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How to Watch HBO Max on PS5 Gaming Console

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How to Watch HBO Max on PS5 Gaming Console

 The PlayStation 5 is utilised for streaming media in addition to games. One of the streaming applications that you may download for the PS5 is HBO Max. It allows you to access well-known films, TV series, and HBO Originals on compatible devices and is owned by HBO. The app is available in the PlayStation Store for the console. To start streaming, download it and log in with your HBO Max account.

HBO Max – Subscription Plans & Pricing

Right now, HBO Max has two distinct premium tiers. The cheapest annual price for the base plan is $99.99, or just $9.99 each month. But there are commercials in this strategy. To get rid of those advertisements, you can pay $14.99 every month. It also allows for the download of up to 30 titles for offline watching and supports 4K UHD streaming. Go to for additional information.

How to Install and Activate HBO Max on PS5

  1. Select the appropriate input source on your TV and connect the PS5 console to the HDMI port.
  2. Connect the gaming console to a reliable WiFi network.
  3. On the PS5, select the Media Tab.
  4. Choose the icon for All Apps.
  5. To find the HBO Max app, use the magnifying glass button and do a search.
  6. Launch the app once it has been installed on your console.
  7. To obtain the Activation code, select Sign in from the app’s home screen.
  8. Next, open a browser on your PC or smartphone and go to
  9. Click Next after entering the Activation Code.
  10. Use your HBO Max user account credentials to log in at last.
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How to Fix HBO Max Not Working on PS5

Check the Server

The first thing you should do when HBO Max isn’t working properly is check the server status. Visit the Downdetector website to accomplish this. It provides precise information regarding whether the relevant app is available or not. You must wait till the developer fixes the problems if the server is down.

Re-login to Your Account

Your data may occasionally become corrupt due to HBO Max app faults and difficulties. In this situation, you can resolve the issue by quitting your current session in order to delete the corrupted files. Re-login to your HBO Max account in a short while to see if the issue has been fixed.

Check and Reset your Internet

For HBO Max to stream movies and TV shows, a reliable internet connection is necessary. When streaming 4K movies, you may experience buffering if your internet connection is too sluggish. Restarting the modem will therefore resolve the internet connection problems. Call the service provider if the problem still exists even after restarting the device.

Restart PS5

  1. To access the Control Center, press the PlayStation button on your controller.
  2. Restart can be chosen by clicking on the Power symbol.
  3. Around 10 seconds will pass.
  4. Launch HBO Max right away to see if you can access it properly or not.

Update the HBO Max App

  1. Access Settings.
  2. Select Game (or) App Settings and Saved Data.
  3. Click on Automatic Updates after that.
  4. In Rest Mode, activate Auto-Download or Auto-Install.
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Reset PS5

  1. Access Settings.
  2. Choose the System Software after selecting the System Settings.
  3. Select Options Reset.
  4. Choose Reset Your Console from the list of choices.

Report the problem to HBO Max

You need to visit the HBO Max help page and request customer service if the aforementioned steps don’t work to fix the problem. In the meanwhile, you can enter your inquiries into the search bar to access relevant answers from their support staff.

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