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How to Solve Sim Not Supported on iPhone

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How to Solve Sim Not Supported on iPhone

 I’m going to walk you through how to fix Sim Not Supported on iPhone in this article. The majority of the time, if you have an iPhone, the sim card won’t be recognised by the device, and you’ll see the message Sim Not Supported. If the problem ever occurs to you, you will be aware that you are unable to send or receive texts or make calls due to it. Until you resolve the Sim Not Supported issue, everything relating to your carrier will either be shut down or not. Therefore, this problem arises when you insert any sim into your iPhone. If your iPhone is not locked, you will see the message “Sim Not Supported” from Apple.

How to Solve Sim Not Supported on iPhone

Check the Sim Card is Active and Works

Before moving on, you must first check and confirm that your SIM card is active and that the carrier has fixed all of its services for it. Because the majority of users assume that their malfunctioning iPhone is to blame. In reality, your sim card could occasionally have a problem. I’m quite sure your iPhone won’t operate if you try to use a sim card that the carrier has disabled and deactivated. Because of this, it’s important to verify your SIM card before making any serious decisions.

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If your sim is actually active in this situation, you must obtain a replacement from the carriers, and the new you have obtained will operate rather well and be prepared for use in your iPhone. Additionally, in order to effectively use a sim card on your iPhone if your sim card is not functioning and is inactive, you must activate a plan for your iPhone.

Turn the Airplane Mode On and Off Consecutively

The second is very important; you must repeatedly turn on and off Airplane Mode. You might find it useful to locate your Sim card’s service. Additionally, it can fix the Sim Not Supported problem.

Update your iPhone to the Latest Version

Verifying that your iPhone has the most recent update is the third technique. You must update it through your iPhone’s settings if it hasn’t already done so. You must attempt to connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi for that. Because your iPhone won’t be able to access cellular data if your sim is not attached. It’s really simple to update the iPhone to the newest version, and you can do it right from the settings menu.

Make an Emergency Call

You may not believe this method is useful if you use a phone, but it actually works and has enabled many iPhone and phone users to activate their devices without the need for a SIM card. It will be a terrific job for you to press a button and make an emergency call in this situation. Press the Home button while the iPhone activation screen is displayed, then select Emergency Call from the menu that appears. As soon as the phone connects, dial 911 or 112, hang up, and then push the Power button. You will be thrown to the home screen of your iPhone, and the SIM card not supported problem will be resolved on your device.

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Final Thoughts

The issue of Sim Not Supported on iPhone has been resolved. I sincerely hope you enjoyed and benefited from these hints and suggestions. You can mend anything with the help of these four techniques. Please feel free to comment below if you have any problems or questions. Please add any encouraging remarks you have about this.Also visit my site TECHSPARKPK

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