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How to Set a Custom Profile Picture on Netflix

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How to Set a Custom Profile Picture on Netflix

Only from the options Netflix offers, which are primarily the character pictures from its television shows and movies, can you change your profile photo on Netflix. However, in order to make a personalised profile photo for Netflix based on your modifications, similar to altering your profile picture on Spotify, you must utilise an extension from the Chrome Web Store. The customised profile photo, however, can only be changed on a computer, not a smartphone.

How to Set Custom Profile Picture on Netflix Using Chrome Extension

  1. On your computer, launch Google Chrome.
  2. Add the Custom profile photo for the Netflix extension to the browser by going to the Chrome Web Store.
  3. Visit Netflix’s official website after it has been added.
  4. Use the login information to access your account by clicking Sign In in the top right corner of the page.
  5. Go to your Netflix profile and select the Profile icon (top-right).
  6. Select Manage Profiles from the drop-down menu. On Netflix, you may see the various accounts.
  7. Next, click the Netflix Customer Profile Image extension on the upper right (If you have pinned it).
  8. Select the desired account you want to update by clicking the Profile drop-down menu.
  9. After that, click Image and upload the picture you want.
  10. Refresh the page after you have uploaded.
  11. View the picture that was uploaded as your Netflix profile picture.

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