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How to Reset Garmin Watch in 4 Ways

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How to Reset Garmin Watch in 4 Ways


If your Garmin watch is not functioning properly or is not receiving a satellite signal, you can reset it. You may fix all of your watch’s minor bugs and technical issues by doing a reset. There are various reset options for your Garmin Watch, including Soft, Medium, and Hard. Hard reset will destroy all of your data from your watch, however Soft and Medium reset won’t. You should also make sure your watch is current. If not, attempt an update to fix the issues on your Garmin Watch.

Soft Reset

  1. Press and hold the Power button until you see the light, or long press it for up to 15 seconds to bring up the Carousel. Press the Power off button.
  2. To start your Garmin watch once more, push the power button for a long time.
  3. Reset the Default Settings on Garmin Watch
  4. By pressing the watch’s UP button, access the menu.
  5. Lower yourself and select Settings System.
  6. To confirm, select Reset > Reset Default Settings.
  7. The vital data, like tracking information, music, etc., won’t be erased when the default settings are reset.

How to Factory Reset Garmin Watch

  1. Watches made by Garmin Forerunner, Fenix, Vivoactive, and Instinct: Select the Restore Defaults or Delete Data and Reset Settings option under Settings System Reset.
  2. Navigate to the Delete Data and Reset Settings option in Settings on your Garmin Vivomove touchscreen watch.
  3. Approach Golf Watches: Select Settings Reset Delete Data and Reset Settings from the home screen.
  4. Garmin watches Quatix and Descent: Reset Settings under Settings System Restore Defaults.
  5. Older Forerunner Garmin Watch: Select Restore Defaults from the Menu under Settings > System. To confirm, yes.
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Alternative Method

Primary Reset

  1. Turn off your Garmin timepiece.
  2. Press the Power/Light button while maintaining pressure on the Back/Lap button.
  3. Release the buttons only when the watch screen displays Restore Default Settings.
  4. Release the Back/Lap button when Restore Default Settings displays on the watch.
  5. To confirm, press Yes.
  6. Set up and pair your Garmin watch once more after finishing.

Secondary Reset

  1. Turn off your Garmin timepiece.
  2. The Down, Start, and Back buttons should all be tapped and held down at once.
  3. Now turn on your watch.
  4. When you hear the first beep, remove your finger from the Start button.
  5. After the second beep, remove both the Down and Back buttons.

Reset Watch Using Garmin Connect App

  1. Go to the Google Play Store or the App Store on your mobile device.
  2. To download, enter “Garmin Connect” in the search field and click the Install or Get option.
  3. Next, select Settings from the app’s Home menu.
  4. Select System Menu from the list of menus.
  5. Select Restore Defaults.
  6. To confirm the action, touch Yes one last time.

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