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How to Know If Someone Blocked you on Telegram App [6 Ways]

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How to Know If Someone Blocked you on Telegram App [6 Ways]

Telegram provides users with additional privacy and security protections than other social media apps. All social media platforms include the ability to block users. If you don’t want to talk to someone on Telegram, you can also block them. Additionally, Telegram gives you the option to blacklist bots. On occasion, it’s difficult to tell whether someone has blocked you on Telegram. However, there may be ways for you to learn if someone has blocked you.

Undelivered Messages

You must first message the person in question to see if they have blocked you on Telegram. Send them a message and then watch for their response. The contact may have blocked you if the message displays a single tick for an extended length of time. However, there’s a risk they’ll go offline for a bit. So, to be sure, give it some time and test the various options.

Profile Picture not Visible

By looking at the person’s profile image, you can use this method to discover the Telegram user who blocked you. One of the indications of blocking is when you could previously view the contact’s profile image but can only now see their initials. Also take note that on Telegram, your initials appear if you don’t have a profile picture. As a result, you can attempt this method and try different ones if it doesn’t work.

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Hiding Online Status

By checking their online status, you can find out whether someone has blocked you on Telegram. The user’s online status on Telegram is typically displayed to others by default. Blocking is evident if the status reads, “Last Seen a long time ago.” If you continue to encounter the same sign, you can be certain that you have been stopped.

Failing to Connect Audio and Video Calls

Making an audio or video call to the target individual is the next potential method of verification. One indication for blocking is when a pop-up notification appears and the call does not connect. Sorry, we’re unable to call (Contacts name) due to their privacy settings, the pop-up informs us. This notification verifies that you have been blocked on Telegram by the user.

Not Displaying Deleted Account

The last procedure in the preceding phases confirms and meets the requirements of the first and third methods. If an account is inactive for more than three to six months, Telegram will erase it. If they have blocked you, the deleted account won’t show up on their contacts list. You can find out if someone has blocked you on Telegram by using this check.

Alternative Method

When someone blocks you, any groups or Telegram channels you were formerly a part of do not contain their contact information. At last, give this approach a try. You have been blocked if you are unable to locate the person.

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