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How to Install and Stream MovieBox Pro on Roku

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How to Install and Stream MovieBox Pro on Roku

 A lot of users have a favourite entertainment app called MovieBox Pro. On the site, you may stream the newest movies, TV series, music, videos, and more without a subscription. The app also regularly adds new features and content. You must cast the MovieBox Pro app to your Roku TV because it is not available on the Channel Store.

How to Watch MovieBox Pro on Roku from a PC

  1. Visit the official MovieBox Pro website by launching the default browser on your computer.
  2. To view the project tab on your PC, either select the Notification Project tab or just press the Window +P buttons on your keyboard.
  3. At the bottom of the screen, click Connect to a wireless display.
  4. Pick your Roku TV from the list of available options.
  5. Your PC screen will now be projected onto the Roku TV.
  6. To see a video on your larger TV screen, simply click on it on the website.

How to Watch MovieBox Pro on Roku by Casting

  1. Join the WiFi network that your smartphone is currently linked to with your Roku TV.
  2. Install the MovieBox Pro app from the Play Store.
  3. Launch the app after installation, then log in to your account.
  4. Tap the Cast icon by sliding down the Control Panel on your smartphone.
  5. From the list of gadgets, pick the Roku TV.
  6. Once connected, launch the MovieBox Pro app to begin streaming content to your Roku TV.
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How to Watch MovieBox Pro on Roku by AirPlay

  1. Connect your iPhone to the Roku TV’s WiFi network.
  2. Install the MovieBox Pro application by going to the App Store.
  3. Log into your account and launch your preferred content.
  4. Tap Screen Mirroring in the Control Center after lowering it.
  5. The Roku TV is included in the list of gadgets. your Roku TV of choice.
  6. Once connected, your iPhone will start streaming material to your TV.

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