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How to Get Apple Music on Xbox Onea

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How to Get Apple Music on Xbox One



The majority of Apple consumers’ preferred music streaming service is Apple Music. You can listen to your favourite Apple Music songs and albums on Apple Watch, Sonos, and other devices, unlike other music streaming services. Apple just confirmed that Xbox One owners can access Apple Music. As a result, Xbox users can add Apple Music and stream their preferred music.

Apple Music Subscription Plans & Pricing


  • Voice $4.99/mo
  • Student $5.99/mo
  • Individual $9.99/mo
  • Family $14.99/mo

How to Get Apple Music on Xbox One

  1.  Switch on the Xbox One game system and log into your Microsoft account.
  2. By pressing the Home button on your Xbox controller, you can access the Xbox Home screen.
  3. The Microsoft Store will now launch.
  4. By hitting the A button on your Controller, select Search by scrolling down beneath the Store menu.
  5. Using the virtual keyboard on the screen, type “Apple Music” into the search field.
  6. Press the A key to get Free after choosing the Apple Music app from the search results.
  7. Hold off till the app is installed. Navigate to the Xbox Home screen after installation.
  8. Go to My Games & Apps to find it.
  9. Applications can be chosen from the menu list.
  10. Open the Apple Music app, then log in with your Apple Music login information.

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