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How to Get and Play Apple Music on Samsung TV

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How to Get and Play Apple Music on Samsung TV

 Are you trying to find the best music app for Samsung TV? The programme that has to be installed on a Samsung Smart TV is Apple Music. In March 2020, it was made available for Samsung Smart TVs’ Smart Hub. You must subscribe to one of the three streaming plans—Students Plan ($4.99/month), Individual Plan ($9.99/month), or Family Plan ($14.99/month)—in order to stream music on Apple Music.

How to Play Apple Music on Samsung TV

  1. Go to the home screen on your Samsung TV after turning it on.
  2. In the Apps section of your Samsung Smart TV, click.
  3. Use the virtual keyboard on the screen to enter Apple Music into the search field.
  4. To download the Apple Music app to your Smart TV, choose it from the search result and touch the Install option.
  5. After installation, tap Add to home and move it to the correct spot on your TV by dragging.
  6. Tap Continue after opening the Apple Music app.
  7. After selecting Already a Subscriber?, select Sign In.
  8. Utilize your Apple ID to log into your account.

How to AirPlay Apple Music on Samsung TV

  1. The first step is to unlock your iPhone and link it to the same WiFi network as your Samsung Smart TV.
  2. Open the Apple Music application.
  3. Pick your preferred song from the list.
  4. At the very bottom of the screen, select the AirPlay icon.
  5. Choose the Samsung Smart TV from the list of devices available.
  6. You can watch the songs on your TV after you’re connected.

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