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How to Fix Disney Plus Not Working on Firestick

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How to Fix Disney Plus Not Working on Firestick


Disney Plus is a streaming service that offers access to all of the networks’ movies and TV episodes. All of the main platforms are officially supported by the streaming service. Due to problems with the programme, Firestick hardware, and Disney Plus networks, you could occasionally experience problems streaming Disney Plus on Firestick. Regardless of the cause, with a few troubleshooting techniques, one can quickly resolve the Disney Plus on Firestick problem. You can get in touch with the customer service if the problem is not resolved.

Reasons for Disney Plus Not Working on Firestick

  • Poor or slow internet connection.
  • Using the older version of the Disney+ app.
  • Corrupted cache files of the Disney+ app.
  • Using a VPN connection while streaming Disney+.
  • Using the outdated Firestick firmware.

These factors will result in problems such as

  • Disney Plus sound is not working on Firestick
  • Disney Plus won’t open on Firestick
  • Disney Plus keeps crashing/freezing on Firestick
  • Disney Plus won’t play on Firestick
  • Disney Plus black screen on Firestick
  • Disney Plus keeps loading on Firestick
  • Disney Plus on Firestick stuck on the loading screen

Device Compatibility

Initially, confirm that Disney Plus is compatible with your Firestick device. Disney Plus may have a streaming problem if you sideload it onto a Firestick for download. To resolve the Disney Plus app’s Firestick compatibility issue, delete it and install it directly.

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Restart the Firestick

Restarting your Fire TV Stick is the first and most important thing you should do if anything goes wrong with it. Almost all common problems can be resolved by restarting the Firestick. Restart the Firestick if you experience any problems when using the Disney+ app.

Check Internet Connection

The internet connection is the next thing you need to examine. Disney+ is an online streaming service, and in order to load the content, a regular internet connection is needed. To watch movies without interruption, you need a minimum of 5 Mbps of internet connection, while 4K UHD movies require 25 Mbps.

The Firestick Disney Plus app will have trouble playing 4K videos if your internet connection is sluggish. It is also one of the causes of the Disney Plus app’s Error Code 83. Therefore, to resolve the internet connection problem, restart your modem.

Check Disney Plus Server

Disney Plus, as you’re all aware, is an online service that relies on its global infrastructure to distribute content to consumers. The first thing you must do if you have any issues is to verify the status of Disney Plus’s server. Use third-party websites like Downdetector to check Disney Plus’s server status right now and find out what problems other users have been having. Wait for the team to fix it if the server is down.

Test by Watching Another Show

The TV show or movie you are watching right now might be experiencing a number of problems or an unanticipated issue that prevents it from being available right now. Many people will watch on-demand material including eagerly anticipated programmes, same-day OTT, and movies with theatre releases. The server can then stop working or not respond. If that’s a problem, try watching some different television shows or movies. The on-demand media can stream without any problems after a while.

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If the problem affects all of the titles you can access, make sure your VPN service is turned on.

Disable VPN

Any VPN connection you have enabled on your Firestick will slow down the internet connection. The Disney Plus app won’t function correctly if there is a sluggish internet connection. Disable the VPN connection to see whether the problem is resolved.

Logout and Login to Your Account

On your Fire TV Stick, launch Disney Plus. Navigate to the bottom and tap on your avatar to open your profile.

To complete the procedure, tap Log Out. Re-log in.

Clear Disney Plus Cache and Data

  • Open the Amazon Firestick’s settings.
  • Select Manage Installed Applications under Applications.
  • From the list, select Disney Plus, then select Clear Cache and Clear Data.
  • Launch the Disney Plus app now, and sign in using your credentials.

Update Firestick

  • Choose Fire TV on the Settings page. Select Check for Updates under About.
  • To upgrade the OS, click Install Update and adhere to the on-screen directions.
  • Return to the Disney+ app after finishing to see if the problem has been resolved.

Re-Install Disney+ App

  • Pick Applications under Settings.
  • Choose the Disney+ app under Manage Installed Applications.
  • The pop-Uninstall up’s option should be selected.

Contact Support Team

Contact the Firestick and Disney Plus support teams if the Disney Plus app is still not functioning. They will assist you in identifying the problem and the appropriate fix.

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