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How to Enable Dark Mode on Ring App [Android & iPhone]

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How to Enable Dark Mode on Ring App [Android & iPhone]

 You require the Ring app on your iPhone or Android device to control your security equipment, including cameras, video doorbells, smart lighting, and other devices. A built-in feature of the Ring application allows users to alternate between dark and light modes. Recently, support for dark themes was made available. You access this function, make sure to update the app on your smartphone.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Ring App [Android & iPhone]

  1. Open the Ring app on your Android or iPhone.
  2. Tap the hamburger icon in the top left corner of the app once it has been configured.
  3. Click the Display menu item.
  4. It will automatically mimic the settings for the device’s appearance.
  5. To obtain the dark background, select On.
  6. The wallpaper will switch from a light theme to a dark theme when you select it.

Alternate Way – Use Device Theme Settings

You can set up the app to use the theme you applied to the smartphone rather than turning on the dark mode within the app. The Ring app must be installed on both the Android smartphone running Android 10 and the iPhone running iOS 13 or later in order to use this method.

1.Give the Ring app permission to use the device’s default settings (Hamburger icon; Auto; Display; Ring app).

2.Now switch on your smartphone’s dark mode.

  • On Android, the dark mode: Display Settings Dark Mode On.
  • On an iPhone, select Dark from the Appearance menu under Settings Display & Brightness.
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3.When you open the Ring app, the dark theme is automatically visible.

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