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How to Enable Dark Mode on Monzo

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How to Enable Dark Mode on Monzo

 Popular UK-based internet banking software is called Monzo. You may rapidly and cost-free open a bank account from your phone with Monzo. Both Android and iOS users can access Monzo using a separate app. To enhance user experience, Monzo has launched a dark mode function similar to other banking apps.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Monzo

  • Open the Monzo app, then log in to your account with the correct information.
  • Click Home on the menu bar.
  • Press the Profile button.
  • Select Settings next.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose Theme settings.
  • To set the theme for your Monzo app, tap Dark.

Alternative: Since some apps change the theme based on the System theme, you can also try applying the dark theme to the app by turning on the dark theme on your Android or iOS device.

Why is Monzo Dark Mode not Working?

  • Verify that the app has the most recent update.
  • Check and upgrade your smartphone’s operating system.
  • Remove the app’s cache.
  • The Monzo app should be logged out and re-opened.
  • Install the app again.
  • Upgrade your gadget.
  • Restart the computer.
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