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How to Enable Dark Mode on AO3 [Archive of Our Own]

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How to Enable Dark Mode on AO3 [Archive of Our Own]

Fanfiction items, such as fanart and fan theories, are shared on the website Archive of Our Own. The articles posted on the website can be seen, commented on, and given praise by readers. However, the brightness of the website has made many users uncomfortable, raising the question of whether AO3 has a dark mode. In reality, absolutely. Within the website, you can activate the dark mode and alter the theme.

How to Turn on Dark Mode on AO3

Visit the AO3 website and sign into your account using a web browser.

Choose the Reversi option from the Choose Skin section at the bottom of the page.

Reversi will enable the dark theme on the website if you select it.

At the bottom of the page, select Reversi.

Click the Use button at the bottom of the Reversi page after scrolling down.

Follow the directions above and select the Revert to Defaults Skin button on the Reversi page to disable dark mode.

Alternative Method

Log in to your account on the AO3 website.

Copy the CSS code from the website by clicking this link.

Visit the website to design a new skin in the next step.

Set the Site skin choice in the Type area.

Give your dark mode a special name in the title.

Paste the CSS code into the CSS area. Select the down arrow in the Advanced button by finding it.

Make sure the Dark checkbox is selected in the choose@media section’s prefers-color-scheme section.

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Finally, click Use after tapping the Submit button to activate the dark mode.

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