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How to Connect Philips TV to WiFi Without Remote

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How to Connect Philips TV to WiFi Without Remote

 People who want to watch a variety of media content online frequently use Philips Smart TVs. You will receive a remote control for each TV that can be used to change the input source, change channels, adjust volume, and more. However, there may be times when you misplace the remote control. In that instance, establishing a connection between the TV and the new WiFi connection is challenging. However, there are methods for linking your Philips TV to a WiFi network without using the remote.

Connect Philips TV to WiFi Using Physical Buttons

  1. Press the Menu button on your Philips TV. You can push the Volume Up and Volume Button simultaneously if your TV lacks a Menu button.
  2. To choose the Network Settings option, press P+ and P-.
  3. Then choose WiFi Settings from the menu.
  4. Using the CH+ and CH- buttons, select your WiFi network and input your WiFi password.
  5. To get back to the home screen, press the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons simultaneously.

Connect Philips TV to WiFi Using Ethernet Cable

  1. Bring the TV close to the router or the other way around.
  2. A Cat 6 or Cat 8 Ethernet cable is required.
  3. One end should be connected to the router, and the other to the TV.
  4. Activate your TV and use a wireless keyboard and mouse to operate it.
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Connect Philips TV to WiFi Using USB Keyboard or Mouse

  1. After turning on your Philips TV, attach the USB mouse or keyboard. You can use them as a remote control once you’ve connected.
  2. On your TV, select the Settings option.
  3. Choose Connect to Network after choosing the Network option.
  4. To connect to a WiFi network, select it and enter the password.

Connect Philips to WiFi Using Remote App

  1. Make a WiFi hotspot on the first one. Your Philips TV should be linked to the same WiFi network with the same name and password.
  2. Now switch on your TV, and it will instantly establish a connection to the hotspot network.
  3. The second smartphone should be connected to the same hotspot.
  4. The Philips TV remote app should be installed on the second device.
  5. When you open the app, your TV will be immediately detected.
  6. Your smartphone can now be used as a remote control.
  7. Navigate to the TV settings using that to modify the WiFi network.

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