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How to Chromecast iPad to TV [Easy Ways]

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How to Chromecast iPad to TV [Easy Ways]

 You can quickly stream any content from your laptop, phone, or tablet to any smart TV with Chromecast. The ability to stream content from Android and iOS devices is the best feature of the Chromecast gadget. You must use an HDMI port to connect the Chromecast to the TV in order to cast material from the iPad. Before casting, make sure the Chromecast is configured.

How to Chromecast iPad to Smart TV

  1. Join Chromecast to the WiFi network that your iPad is currently connected to.
  2. Open the app you wish to cast to your TV on your iPad.
  3. Tap to begin playing the video.
  4. Find the Cast symbol, then tap it. It displays the connected devices that are available.
  5. To connect, pick your Chromecast device and type the password.
  6. Your smart TV will start playing the material as soon as the iPad is connected.
  7. Tap the Cast symbol once more, then choose End Casting, to stop casting.

Alternate Method

  1. On your iPad, download the Replica app from the App Store.
  2. Open Replica and grant it access to the adjacent devices as needed.
  3. The Chromecast device of your choice.
  4. Tap Start and choose Start Broadcast from the pop-up menu after connecting.
  5. The iPad screen mirroring is now visible on your smart TV.
  6. Open the selected app, then stream it to your larger TV.

Notably, you can use the Chromecast from your iPad to browse, send messages, and utilise social media on the big screen in addition to streaming videos.

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