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How to Change YouTube TV Password

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How to Change YouTube TV Password

 One of the streaming platforms to watch more than 85 channels without cable is YouTube TV. Similar to Youtube, the streaming service syncs all of your data using your Google account credentials. You must alter the Google Account settings in order to change the YouTube TV password. The YouTube TV account will automatically update.

How to Change YouTube TV Password on Android/iPhone

  1. Launch the Gmail app on your iPhone or Android.
  2. Select the profile icon after opening the email account you’ve been using for YouTube TV. Choose the Manage your Google account option from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the Personal details tab in the following step. To choose the Password option, scroll down.
  4. Selecting the Security tab and then Password will also bring up the password option.
  5. Google will ask you to enter your current password as verification. Tap the Next button after entering the current password.
  6. Put the new password in the appropriate sections and click the Change Password button in the following step.
  7. I’m done now. You were successful in changing the Google Account password. It will have an impact on every Google service.

How to Change YouTube TV password on Desktop or Laptop

  1. Visit in a web browser.
  2. Log in to the Google account that you’ve connected to your YouTube TV membership.
  3. On the left side pane, click the Personal info tab.
  4. Click on the Password option after navigating there.
  5. In order to verify your account, enter the current password.
  6. Click the Change password button after entering the new password. Your password for YouTube TV will be modified.
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How to Reset Google Account password

1.Enter your email address on the Google account website using a browser.

2.Decide to click the Forgot password link.

3.Google gives you a number of options for password changes.

  • Sending a link to reset your password to your recovery email.
  • OTP is being sent to the mobile number you have on file.
  • Asking for verification.
  • Notifying your mobile device.

4.Choose your preferred method and follow the on-screen instructions.

5.Enter the new password for your Google account after confirming your identification to save the modifications.

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