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How to Change Profile Picture in Pubg

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How to Change Profile Picture in Pubg

Players can enjoy the best battle royale experience while on the road with PUBG Mobile, the popular battle royale game available for Android and iOS. To differentiate themselves from other players, users can alter a variety of game aspects, such as character appearance, profile name, avatar, and more. The default PUBG Mobile profile photo may bore new players, and they may search for a way to modify it.

How to Change Profile Picture in PUBG Mobile

The process of changing the PUBG Mobile profile photo is simple and takes only a few seconds.

  1. Near the username, tap the Default Profile Picture.
  2. To edit the profile, click the pencil icon labelled Edit.
  3. The third tab on the list, Avatar, should be chosen.
  4. Select your preferred profile photo or avatar.
  5. To save the modifications, press the Confirm button.

There are numerous unique avatars available in PUBG Mobile, which may be acquired via opening crates or by paying UC currency. Instead of using a PUBG Mobile avatar, users can customise their social media profile photo by choosing the appropriate social network from the list. The PUBG Mobile Avatar frame can also be modified in the same way.

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