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How to Activate Bally Sports App on Streaming Devices

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How to Activate Bally Sports App on Streaming Devices

 Bally Sports is the go-to site for exploring hundreds of live sporting events, including MLB, NBA, NHL, College Football and Basketball, High School Athletics, etc., and streaming live sports. The subscription has a seven-day free trial and costs $19.99 per month or $189.99 per year. Downloading the software for streaming devices is free. Unlike smartphones, the Bally Sports app must be activated on your streaming device in order to access the content.

How to Activate Bally Sports App

  • Roku
  • Fire TV Stick
  • Apple TV

  1. Open the Bally Sports app that has been loaded on streaming devices and Smart TVs.
  2. On the screen, an activation code will show up.
  3. On your computer or mobile device, launch the browser and go to
  4. Enter the login information for your account.
  5. Enter the code and touch the Activate button if you have a Bally Sports+ membership.
  6. I’m done now. Your device’s Ball Sports app has been successfully activated and is prepared for streaming.

How to Sign Up for Bally Sports

  1. Browse to in your browser.
  2. Click the Person icon in the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Enter your email address, name, and password in the SIGN UP section.
  4. Select SIGN UP from the menu.
  5. If you already have a TV provider subscription, select CONNECT YOUR TV PROVIDER from the menu. Alternatively, select Skip to pay for the Bally Sports+ subscription.
  6. Go ahead and enter your Zip Code at in a new tab.
  7. SEE PACKAGES is an option.
  8. Select a yearly or monthly subscription. You will receive a 7-day free trial for each package.
  9. Select the bottom-located SUBSCRIBE NOW button.
  10. Enter the billing address and credit card details on the following page.
  11. At the bottom, click the SUBSCRIBE NOW option to finish.

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