How did ‘The Simpsons’ Cartoon prediction become the reality?

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How did ‘The Simpsons’ Cartoon prediction become the reality?

 Simpsons Cartoon Reality

The Simpsons are an American animated sitcom that was conceived by Matt Groening in 1989 as a project for Fox Broadcasting Company. Matt Groening was the middle child of his parents and was born on February 15, 1954, in Portland. He has two younger sisters, one older brother, and one older sister. His mother was American-Norwegian and a teacher by trade. His father, German Canadian Homer Philip Groening, was a cartoonist, writer, and director.

Simpsons: Longest-running U.S primetime series

From 1989 until the present, The Simpsons has had one of the longest runs of any sitcom, animated series, or primetime television in the United States. 690 episodes of The Simpsons were broadcast. The Simpsons’ former writer was David X. The Simpsons are a depiction of American culture, and Homer, Marge, Bar, Lisa, and Maggie are personifications of real-life Americans. Given that the name Simpson contains the word “simp,” Matt Groening found it amusing. A half-hour prime time programme gets its first Fox series designation after completing three seasons and finishing in the top 30 in the ratings during the 1989–1990 season.

On July 27, 2007, The Simpsons movie was made available in theatres all over the world. On February 6th, 2019, “The Simpsons” will return for a third and second season, respectively. The 700th episode of “The Simpsons” debuted on September 29, 2019, and it concluded on May 17, 2020. “The Simpsons” is a joint Gracie Films and 20th Television production. The first nine and ten seasons of “The Simpsons” gained much praise; this period is known as the show’s “Golden Age.” The best television shows of the 20th century, according to Time magazine. Numerous honours were given to the Simpsons series. The Simpsons later served as inspiration for and had an impact on other animated shows geared toward adults.

“The Simpsons” cartoon series predict

These days, there are a lot of YouTube channels producing films with several ideas and supporting presumptions that the “Simpsons” cartoon series predicted everything that has occurred over the past few years with supporting evidence. Many claim that these cartoons are extremely divisive and a part of a very elaborate plot that foresaw many significant events that afterwards occurred in the world. As an illustration, mention the “nine-eleven tragedy.” The Simpsons also depicted current events, such as “Greta Thunberg’s” speech, a 16-year-old climate activist who discusses the destruction of trees and the world’s deteriorating climate.

Greta delivered a speech in September 2019 that was fueled by her utmost rage. It may have been a coincidence or perhaps Gareta imitated the younger sister of Greta’s family who spoke about climate change in class eleven years prior to Greta’s speech at the United Nations, where she claimed that people are dying due to the changing climate, people are suffering, and no leaders are caring about it. Following her lecture, several individuals offered numerous arguments.

Assumptions about “The Simpsons”

Many claimed that the OSAKA-FLU coronavirus, which spread through some deliveries from Japan to the US and can also be compared to the Spanish flu, was predicted by The Simpsons twenty-one years prior. There were numerous other claims made in numerous other videos, all of which attempted to demonstrate that The Simpsons had predicted what is currently happening in the world, even though they were only providing evidence to boost their ratings. But nobody is paying attention to what the reality is. What is reality? Is it conceivable for a cartoon to come true, or what is happening, or what has already happened?

People who claim that these series have already predicted everything are actually unaware that those forecasts are based on renewed the Simpsons that have recently been released. However, the first produced series had no online presence. The Simpsons is a newly launched series that is currently available on YouTube. As a result, it is implied that The Simpsons series is only a cartoon that focuses on current events and topics of interest to people all over the world.

what is the reality?

The truth is that all videos are actually created by Indian or Pakistani YouTubers solely for the purpose of obtaining high ratings because that type of video gains fame and easily converts ignorant people to belief. First of all, as Muslims, we should refrain from using language that can mislead someone on social media who has no formal education. But if some of us are engaging in this behaviour for our own personal gain, we should make an effort to avoid watching those videos and to maintain the strength of our religious convictions, which teach us that only Allah is aware of the beginning and end of this world.

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