Future plan for Roman Reigns following Crown Jewel – Reports

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Future plan for Roman Reigns following Crown Jewel - Reports

 At Crown Jewel on November 5, 2022, Roman Reigns will defend the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Logan Paul. Due to his current contract’s flexibility, the Tribal Chief missed the Extreme Rules Premium Live Event. He is anticipated to participate in Survivor Series, which will happen in late November.

Reigns’ participation in two matches in one month had been a subject of discussion. Given that Survivor Series is a significant PLE, The Tribal Chief will appear on the programme. It is currently unknown whether he will defend the Championship or even who his opponent will be.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Reigns is expected to take part in Survivor Series on November 26th given his present schedule. Prior to his contest with Logan Paul in Saudi Arabia, Reigns is presently scheduled to make the following appearances:

Reigns is promoted for the following events: Smackdown on November 11 in Indianapolis, Raw on November 31 in Dallas, and Smackdown on November 18 in Hartford. According to this schedule, Reigns would be working the Survivor Series in Boston on November 26.

Who could Roman Reigns face at Survivor Series?

Reigns will reportedly hold onto the Universal Championship until WrestleMania next year, according to rumours. The Bloodline might face another group at the event given that Survivor Series is known for its multi-man elimination rounds.

It is quite possible that The Bloodline will participate in the men’s version of the contest, especially because this year’s Survivor Series is scheduled to include the renowned War Game battles.

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Roman Reigns will probably win his battle against Logan Paul at Crown Jewel and keep the championship; there is little possibility that the two will meet again very soon. Therefore, it is uncertain whether WWE will select a new foe for Roman Reigns in the brief time between the two matches.Crown Jewel and Survivor Series or if he will compete in a multi-man match.

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