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Few Reasons Why WhatsApp Status Not Working

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Few Reasons Why WhatsApp Status Not Working

 The world’s most popular method of communication is now WhatsApp. WhatsApp is utilised for practically all forms of communications, from casual use to business-level use. But some who adore the Apple environment, particularly Apple users in the US, utilise iMessage as their main form of communication. However, given that not all of their friends and family use iMessages, we can see that they still utilise WhatsApp as well. WhatsApp is the method they can use to contact someone who has an Android device.

Given its widespread use, WhatsApp status is regarded as the best alternative for announcements. Users of WhatsApp utilise the status feature to communicate information, notify friends and family about events, etc. People all over the world continue to have problems with WhatsApp status even though the function has been available for the past few years without any problems.

The majority of our readers continue to question us why the WhatsApp status is broken. In one of our previous posts, we went into great length about the reasons why the WhatsApp status is not visible to others. However, we are investigating potential causes of the problem.

WhatsApp Status Privacy

The privacy of WhatsApp status may be the main justification for why it is displayed to you. This is not a problem; rather, it’s a security measure put in place to protect user privacy.

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According to the privacy settings function, these are the reasons why you might not be able to read a friend’s status. We are going to investigate your situation in relation to that particular user since we are supposing that you are having problems with them.

The option to reveal WhatsApp status to My Contact Only may have been set by the person who enabled the privacy settings for WhatsApp status. On the other hand, it’s possible that their Contact list does not contain your phone number.

Your phone number is already preserved in their contact list, however they may have the ability to exclude your number from seeing your WhatsApp status in the privacy section.

Our settings could be the third factor. The user might not have been included in your privacy settings. Therefore, first check to see if you have excluded that user from the privacy settings for your WhatApp status.

To find out, check your phone’s WhatsApp privacy setting. Go to the Status area of WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android device.

Navigate to the Status Privacy section from the Status section.

On Android, you may choose the Status Privacy option by clicking on the three dots at the upper right corner of the screen (from the status area).

On iOS, select the Privacy option from the Status Screen’s top-left menu.

Make sure that your privacy setting under Status has My Contacts selected. Check to see if the user is not included if the option “My contacts except” is set. You won’t be able to see your status if you omit such users them to. Additionally, you won’t be able to see their status.

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Your status will be visible to the individuals on the personalised list you have established if the privacy setting for your status is set to Only share with… You won’t be able to see each other’s status if that specific person is not included in the list.

WhatsApp Privacy Settings are correct, but still Status on my friend is not visible

Consider a scenario in which the Privacy settings are accurate but you still cannot access your friend’s status. If so, we can first confirm that you are unable to access your friend’s status while, on the other hand, they are able to view your status without any problems in order to determine whether the problem is caused by the private option or some other bug.

If so, the problem might not be with the privacy setting for the status, so you should try alternative troubleshooting techniques.

Refresh the Contact List

Refreshing the contact list is one way to troubleshoot. You can restore your contacts if there is a problem with the contact synchronisation, which will fix the status not appearing problem.

By selecting the New Chat icon in the WhatsApp screen’s lower right corner, Android users can update the app’s contact list. You may now see every contact you have on WhatsApp. Tap the three dots located in the top right corner of the screen next.

The WhatsApp contact will then be refreshed once you touch on the Refresh option in the list. Unfortunately, updating WhatsApp contacts on an iPhone is not possible.

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Remove and Add the Contact Account

if you have a Google Account and an Android phone, then your contacts are synced. Try deleting and adding the Google account once more. This will enable you to properly resync all of your contacts and resolve the problem.

Your contacts are likely synced with iCloud or, in some situations, a google account if you use an iPhone. Try deleting your iCloud or Google Account from your iPhone, then add them back to sync your contacts.

Reinstall the WhatsApp

The best course of action is to remove WhatsApp from your Android or iPhone and reinstall it if none of the aforementioned workarounds work for you. To ensure that you don’t lose any prior conversations after reinstalling WhatsApp, be sure to build a backup of your WhatsApp chat before doing so.

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