Bray Wyatt Returns To WWE At Extreme Rules

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Bray Wyatt Returns To WWE At Extreme Rules

 WWE’s annual Extreme Rules live event took place in Philadelphia tonight. Fans’ reactions to the actual matches were varied; however, several fights, such as the title battle between Bianca Belair and Bayley, have garnered a lot of positive feedback. But some other bouts were a little lacklustre.

Thoughts about the White Rabbit’s mystery and Bray Wyatt’s probable comeback occupied viewers’ thoughts tonight more than any one match did. The WWE has been dropping cryptic indications about the identity of the White Rabbit figure during episodes of Raw and Smackdown over the previous few weeks. Social media was rife with fan speculation. Some speculated that the hints might be pointing to Elias’s return, while others thought it was hinting at a gimmick change for Karrion Kross.

The World Eater Returns To WWE

In the night’s main event, Seth Rollins and Riddle engaged in a fight pit contest. Seth Rollins gave up to a triangle choke and tapped out, giving Riddle the victory. The lights went dark as the two left the pit and started up the entry ramp, and the audience roared in anticipation of what was about to unfold.

“He’s got the whole world… in his hands,” a deep, recognisable voice echoed around the arena.

The Firefly Funhouse puppets, in life-size, appeared all over the audience. The entrance ramp’s wooden door was then visible on the camera. A brief film package with the Firefly Funhouse set in disrepair plays. Then another hideous masked figure emerged.

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The familiar lamp in his hand, the same masked figure entered through the door on the ramp. He took a step forward and gradually took the mask off his face.

Returned is Bray Wyatt. The only remaining question is how much destruction he will cause.

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