Andrade Sheds Some Light On Charlotte Flair’s WWE Absence

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Andrade Sheds Some Light On Charlotte Flair's WWE Absence

 For the past week or two, Andrade has been in the news, but not for anything related to his actions on AEW TV. The former NXT Champion, though, has been openly lamenting his lack of opportunities in AEW. As a result, Andrade and Sammy Guevara this week engaged in a physical altercation behind the scenes of Dynamite after exchanging insults on Twitter.

Andrade Explains Charlotte Flair’s Absence

Andrade discussed his present status with Mas Lucha (H/T to Fightful for the transcription) before being sent home on Wednesday. He also touched on the possibility of a comeback to WWE. The AEW star stated he hasn’t spoken to Triple H in a while, yet he acknowledged that they still have a nice friendship. However, since his partner, Charlotte Flair, still works at the company, he will not be hard to touch should The Game want or need to speak to him.

Flair hasn’t appeared on television in a while, despite the fact that she is still a WWE Superstar. The Queen last competed at WrestleMania Backlash in May, losing to Ronda Rousey in an I Quit match. Andrade provided some insight into Flair’s extended absence from the ring. It’s challenging at the same time because Ashley (Charlotte Flair) will detail her personal reasons in upcoming interviews, Andrade said.

Andrade And Flair’s Conflicting Schedules

The multi-time Women’s Champion has been taking a break while Flair and Andrade have been married, but the AEW star implied that their competing schedules had been difficult for both he and his new bride. She worked on Thursdays to work on weekends while I travelled on Tuesdays and arrived back on Thursdays, so it was extremely heavy. We are doing well right now because I get to see her more.

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All of that explains not only why Flair has been taking time off from the ring, but also why Andrade has started to get weary of the way things are going for him in AEW. The Mexican wrestler was scheduled to face Dark Order’s 10 on Rampage this week; a loss in the match would have forced him to leave AEW.

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