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YouTube launches new features for school Classrooms

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YouTube launches new features for school Classrooms

 YouTube has a huge video library. Given that the majority of them are of dubious quality, one would anticipate that Google’s algorithms would present users with pertinent and interesting content. Of course, the platform has other problems, notably with regard to young viewers and instructors who produce content. The company is launching a few important changes as a result for specific user groups, including a video player created especially for instructional reasons.

YouTube has made previous attempts to enter a market. The site has long encouraged educators to incorporate its abundance of instructional and how-to videos into the classroom. Prior ideas, however, were met with scepticism because of the popular video service’s extensive non-educational content and targeted advertising.

Any embedded videos on particular online educational platforms will be able to broadcast ad-free, without external connections or suggestions for outbound material, thanks to the new YouTube Player for Education. The player will be accessible to users of Google Classrooms as well as Purdue University, Purdue Global, and EDpuzzle lesson planners for use on their respective platforms.

Educational content creators who have found success on YouTube generally leverage external partnerships, such as those with Brilliant or CuriosityStream, to aid build organised courses or raise enormous amounts of money. But starting the following year, YouTube will offer Courses, which are compilations of movies that can be watched for free or for a fee and are available forever. The Courses project will start by helping creators in the United States and South Korea.

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