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WhatsApp New feature Will Soon Let You Text Yourself On Linked Devices

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WhatsApp New feature Will Soon Let You Text Yourself On Linked Devices

 On a regular basis, WhatsApp adds new features for its users. We recently learned that WhatsApp is developing a new connected feature. Users will be able to text themselves on many devices using this new WhatsApp function without needing a separate number.

WhatsApp New feature Will Soon Make Its Way To users

Everybody needs to make notes occasionally in order to remember things. Despite the fact that your phone comes with a number of Notes apps, many still prefer to jot things down on WhatsApp because it’s frequently used throughout the day. As a result, when they view a text, it is simpler for them to recall.

The most recent update, as seen on Wabetainfo, states:

“Sending messages to yourself from a linked device is one of a multi-missing device’s features. Finally, WhatsApp is working on a fix that will be included in an upcoming WhatsApp Desktop beta version.

According to the article, WhatsApp is now beta-testing the function before releasing it to the wider public. The issue of how the feature works is now under doubt will function The article also said that in the future, you will be able to text yourself by tapping your personal chat when you are looking for contacts on WhatsApp Desktop beta.

The most recent complaint states that when users attempt to log into WhatsApp from a mobile device, their name will appear at the top of the contact list. The social messaging juggernaut has yet to add support for a second mobile device to the multi-device arrangement, though. This new function is currently being tested by WhatsApp on the desktop beta. The feature will also be made available in the Android and iOS beta versions, according to the article. Consequently, if you use WhatsApp don’t worry at all about accessing from your laptop or computer. Your name will soon appear in the conversation list in an update, which you can view.

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