United States Donates $2 Million for Flood Assistance in Pakistan

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United States Donates $2 Million for Flood Assistance in Pakistan

 The United States has provided $2 million in humanitarian aid for the UNHCR’s (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) flood response activities in Pakistan.

This money will go to the monsoon flood-affected areas, supporting life-saving efforts as well as aiding in the reconstruction of local facilities including schools, hospitals, and shelters.

The announcement comes as Pakistanis continue to struggle with the effects of climate change-related extreme weather, with more than 33 million people forced to flee their homes owing to monsoon floods and torrential rains that have claimed more than 1,400 lives. Over half of the impacted districts in the nation’s 81 districts are home to Afghan refugees.

The United States’ contribution shows a persistent dedication to solidarity and burden sharing. about Pakistan.

According to US Ambassador Donald Blome, “We are happy to announce $2 million in humanitarian assistance to support UNHCR’s flood response, delivering critical commodities to flood-affected Pakistanis and Afghan refugees in three provinces and helping to reconstruct communities.”

The additional funding from the US builds on the $33 million already provided by the US for UNHCR’s planned programmes in 2022, which are intended to improve livelihoods, expand the capacity of national educational and medical infrastructure in refugee-hosting communities, and support the search for solutions for refugees.

In response to flooding, UNHCR is on the ground delivering life-saving assistance to Afghan refugees and their host communities in the provinces of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan. They are also rushing relief, including emergency shelter, hygiene products, mosquito nets, solar lanterns, and other essentials and blankets to the southern Sindh province’s flood-affected districts.

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