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Twitter Circle is Now Available for Everyone, Here’s How To Use it

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Twitter Circle is Now Available for Everyone, Here’s How To Use it

 Twitter began testing its new Circle feature a few months ago. A small number of users had access to the feature at the time. Twitter Circle is now open to all users, though. According to the firm, the social networking platform is now available to all users on iOS, Android, and PC.

People now have more options and control over how they use Twitter thanks to the new functionality. With this tool, you may tweet to a more specific audience and decide for each individual tweet who can view your messages.

Twitter Circle is Now Available for Everyone, Here’s How To Use it

Although the feature is not brand-new, you could have already checked it out on other platforms. For instance, users of Snapchat and Instagram already have access to this capability.

According to Twitter, “We discovered it made some individuals feel more comfortable tweeting,” during the Twitter Circle test phase. We observed people tweeting more and even increasing their tweet engagements as a result of having greater control over how they appear on the timeline.

How to use Twitter Circle

It’s really easy to use the feature. You now have the choice to share your posts with either your circle or all of your followers on Twitter when you are about to post. Up to 150 individuals can be included in a Twitter Circle, and you can change who is included at any moment. Tweets that were sent to your circle will have a green badge next to them.

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This function is beneficial overall because it increases your privacy. Instead of restricting access to your complete profile, it just makes a subset of your tweets private.

It is important to note that nothing you submit to your circle will be able to be retweeted by its members. They can, however, download your tweets and take screenshots of them.

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