Top 5 Ways to Save Your FB Ad Account from BAN

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Top 5 Ways to Save Your FB Ad Account from BAN

 Social media is become a part of everyday life. People spend the majority of their leisure time hunting for jobs, making friends, and finding romance online. Because they prefer these media to traditional TV and radio, major firms have deliberately shifted their advertising to them during the past few years. Prevent BAN with Your Facebook Ad Account

Let’s say you want to sell something and are wondering how to do it more quickly and easily. In that situation, we advise selecting Facebook as your main source as it dominates the social network landscape in terms of subscribers and annual ad revenue. Additionally, the idea of a social network lets you create an account for advertising.

What Problems Can You Face?

Despite the fact that everything appears to be very straightforward, Facebook frequently astounds us with the combination of seemingly incongruous features because it is the best advertising platform in the world and offers the most ad capabilities. Targeting options can be programmed by users with extreme precision. Additionally, research show that Facebook users are wealthier than users of other social networks.

However, there is also a constant chance that your advertising account could be suspended at any time. Facebook is prepared to block your account at the first hint of fraud. You won’t put up with it if it decides that your ad policy obstructs regular users and jeopardises their comfort.

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Due to the platform’s primary concentration on huge organisations, which might bring about severe financial penalties, this issue is excruciating for private and small marketers several million dollars. Therefore, no one will feel bad if you lose a few of your advertising money. And trust us when we say that it’s really simple to get added to the ban list. Simply selecting the incorrect options will result in a ban from the service without any warning.

Why Can FB Ban Your Account?

There are so two categories of account bans:

When blocking is started by the robot algorithms, an automatic ban is issued. Such a ban frequently occurs if you take unusual account actions, such as beginning an ad with a large daily budget; a manual ban occurs when the account is blocked by a Facebook official following a thorough investigation of your account activity. Since it happens in response to user complaints or violations of network policies, it is a more fair sort of banning.

1.Get Informed with the Facebook Advertising Policy

This fundamental guideline is typically ignored by users, which is why accounts are frequently blocked. It won’t take you more than 10 minutes to read the Facebook ToS (Terms of Service). This article, however, will aid in your understanding of what you can and should not do. Anyway, this is a fundamental strategy: you can behave aggressively and make thousands of dollars for a few days before becoming permanently barred, or you can follow the rules and receive moderate daily income for decades.

2.Check Your Domain and Use Unique IP

Always check your domain because Facebook may have blacklisted it. You might find this useful using Facebook Tools. You won’t be able to take any actions, though, if your domain is on the list.

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By including the following Facebook sites, you can further strengthen the legitimacy of your domain:

Refunds and returns, shipping and delivery, privacy policies, the terms of service (which we’ve already covered);

As a result, you’ll appear to be a more reliable merchant or advertiser who adheres to the rules and offers respectable customer service.

Additionally, we strongly advise using the IP address you’ll be working with later to connect into your account. Make a list of your IPs if you have multiple Facebook advertising accounts, and avoid logging in from an unfamiliar IP address. If you use VPN services, the same applies to them.

Here, we’d also want to point out that it’s best to avoid using your account while travelling or to do so very cautiously. This is due to the fact that frequent changes in nations and IP addresses raise the same concerns that credit cards do. However, the business wants to confirm that you are the one using the service once more.

3.Never Use Other People’s or Old Content

Do not upload previously utilised commercial videos to a new account. Facebook’s AI instantly recognises that this words and image have already been used on other accounts. Instead, make an effort to employ your own original creatives or radically alter the original content. Change the text, the video’s layout, the colour palette, and the soundtrack, for instance. These steps will stop Facebook from blocking your ad account and increase page traffic.

4.Learn What and How You Can or Cannot Advertise

Facebook forbids advertising and even makes reference to casinos, adult content, and drugs, like the majority of reliable sources (even legal ones). Additionally, specific product categories may be advertised, subject to certain restrictions. For instance, if you promote tobacco or alcohol, keep in mind that Facebook will only display it to those who are above 21. There can also be other limitations on how the products are visualised.

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Another vital point is how you’ll promote your products. Don’t promise your customers rapid weight loss or instant relief from stretch marks, baldness, wrinkles, etc. Avert overly lavish clickbait headlines as well. Facebook’s algorithms keep track of all the vocabulary items that can give the impression that you are an aggressive or dishonest advertiser.

5.Set the Ad Expenses Limits and Develop Gradually

We already know that any unexpected behaviour on Facebook raises suspicion and results in banning. These very suspect acts include erratic increases and decreases in the number of posts, account activity, and the amount of money spent on advertising. In your advertisement, try to stick to a single intensity. It is preferable to begin with modest costs and gradually increase your sales over time.

Please be cautious with your initial actions if you have just started your ad account. Similar to how it is with people, the first impression is crucial. Facebook will closely monitor you throughout the initial months as it decides whether or not to trust you.


We’ve discussed some fundamental tips on how to prevent Facebook ads from being banned and how to Save Your Facebook Ad Account from BAN. Naturally, we hope that your account never ends up on any blacklists. However, if something goes wrong, it’s not yet a disaster. Your page will be unblocked after three days if you haven’t broken Facebook’s advertising rules. Additionally, utilise anti-detect browsers to assist you disguise your browser fingerprints and appear to be a new user in case of trouble.

We trust you will find these suggestions useful. Your business will prosper if you are sincere with both your consumers and the Facebook platform.

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