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TikTok chainmail posts bring life to the Old Internet

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TikTok chainmail posts bring life to the Old Internet

 Have you ever gotten an email asking you to forward it to ten of your contacts in order to enjoy a wonderful surprise? Or have you ever received a message to forward to 50 people in order to receive money? Without a sure, these ancient methods of lousy marketing were rather irritating, and people who became victims of such superstitious posts were fortunate to have spam filters and privacy protections in various programmes. However, it appears that TikTok, one of the most popular video-making applications, is reverting to a bygone era of marketing by integrating similar chainmail posts.

While many people will be disappointed, TikTok’s new chainmail is a step forward from the prior irritating mail. Viewers are able to upload videos of themselves with viral sounds playing behind them, asking users if this music will improve their moods. Captions like this are generally followed with the phrase “This sound is no joke!” I’m making more money than I’ve ever made before, and my life is awesome! ” or just “Don’t skip.”

TikTok’s capability allows users to effortlessly get returning users in the coming weeks or months. Furthermore, such posts urge people to keep making similar sounds and praising their movies. This is a whole new type of chainmail.

TikTok has brought back many memories and many old names, particularly in the online gaming sphere. This is clear from TikTok’s corn kid’s meteoric growth, which made the corn kid song incredibly popular. While this characteristic may appear to be terrible at first glance, the overall objective linked with it is actually beneficial, and one can reap its benefits.

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