Smartphone battery myths you should not believe

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Smartphone battery myths you should not believe

 Both smartphones and the myriad beliefs about how to extend the battery life of a smartphone have become essential components of our daily lives. Battery life has been one of the most common concerns throughout the years, whether it’s due to difficult charging or phones not lasting long enough. Nothing is more annoying than getting the dreaded battery worry at 5 o’clock in the evening while attempting to make dinner plans, so these criticisms are completely fair.

Does leaving a phone on the charger all night overcharge its battery?

Even though it’s one of the most common rumours we hear, this one is untrue. Alternatively, the overcharging is. It’s challenging because while leaving your battery plugged in all night is safe, it could hasten the battery’s ageing process.

It’s not surprising that this story has survived given that it has some credible roots. In the past, lithium-ion batteries might overheat if charged for an excessively long time. This did, in fact, cause battery damage and impaired performance. Some even burst into tears over it.

My Battery Should Always Drop to Zero Before Charging:

It’s not a good idea to fully deplete a modern lithium-ion smartphone battery by using it until it dies. Do not even let it approach 0%. A lithium-ion battery’s degeneration is accelerated by this. The ideal course is partial discharge.

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The batteries are never truly fully charged. It is impossible to stop the internal degeneration, which occurs constantly. Over time, the materials inside will only be able to retain less and less energy. Here is why an older iPhone lasts only a few hours as opposed to the nearly full day (or two) it did when it was new, in case you still have one and are wondering. With time, capacity deteriorates.

My Battery Develops a ‘Memory

It was problematic for older nickel-cadmium (NiCad) batteries to develop a “memory” (Opens in a new window). That is the source of the idea to “totally deplete the battery.” Lithium-ion batteries don’t require this, as was already said. 

Do you have to use the official brand charger for your phone?

Since many cellphones still use proprietary charging protocols, they cannot be quickly charged with third-party connectors. However, more and more smartphones now accept common charging protocols like USB Power Delivery. Among the offered phones are the enduringly popular Apple iPhone 13, Google Pixel 6, and Samsung Galaxy S22 series. That’s right, you don’t need to purchase the official chargers for these gadgets in order to use them straight away.

Can you use your phone while it’s charging?

This myth is not entirely untrue. While using your phone while it is charging is not inherently risky or improper, it is terrible for the battery. Your phone won’t overheat while you’re browsing Facebook or checking your email, but simultaneous rapid charging and prolonged gaming may result in the battery of your phone getting warmer than you’d like.

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