Ramiz Raja Gets Angry Over Questions by Indian Journalist and Fans

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Ramiz Raja Gets Angry Over Questions by Indian Journalist and Fans

 The Pakistani squad lost the 2022 Asia Cup final in Dubai to a hard-playing Sri Lankan team.

After the closing ceremony, Ramiz Raja, the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), paid a visit to the stadium. He appeared irritated and irate and was unable to respond to the media’s polite and straightforward questions.

A few Indian media sought to interview the former cricketer as he left the stadium after the Islanders defeated the Babar Azam-led team by 23 runs, but he was unable to speak.

Ramiz was tasked with sending a message to Pakistan’s cricket supporters in India by one of the Indian journalists. “Awam badi nakhush hai,” he enquired. How do you say Unke lie? ( Fans are not pleased. Any message for them?)

Ramiz Raja found the question to be unsettling and retorted, “You must be from India, your folks must be quite pleased,” to which the Indian journalist retorted, “Hum khush nahi hain. (No, we’re not content.)

The chairman of the cricket board then enquired, “Kaunsi awam? Which individuals? “I’ve seen Pakistani fans go back crying after the loss,” the reporter retorted. Am I speaking incorrectly?

Ramiz said to the reporter, “You are generalising the people,” and then made an attempt to push the reporter’s phone to the side. Additionally, he told the fan to move away from the camera since he kept resting his arm on Ramiz’s shoulder.

He said, before walking away, “Please don’t touch me and stay away from the camera.” toward them, away.

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