PubG Mobile 2.2 Update is On the Way with New Map, Features & More

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PubG Mobile 2.2 Update is On the Way with New Map, Features & More

PUBG Mobile has been available for more than four years and has grown to be one of the most played games, with millions of players worldwide playing it every day. Tencent, a major player in the Chinese gaming industry, is constantly adding new services, products, and alliances to PUBG Mobile. They frequently update the game with new stuff. Later this month, the PUBG Mobile 2.2 Update will be launched, bringing with it new maps, features, and other improvements. So let’s look at some of the most anticipated things that will be arriving soon. We are constantly given excellent stuff from PUBG Mobile. Players are in for a treat this time around because the 2.2 update is the Halloween update. Here is a list of every feature that is part of this update.

Here is a list of upcoming additions to the game

  • functional gas station
  • fresh crossbow (can burn houses and explode vehicles)
  • new weapon, the AC VAL, with an integrated silencer
  • assistance signal
  • knockout outcome
  • Changes at the Erangel military bases at Ferry Pier, Quarry, Pochinki, and Sosnovka
  • 15th Month Royale Pass
  • Fresh 1-1 map: Nusa
  • New personalities Riley and Sophia, as well as their individual stories
  • Superstar, Stalwart Guardian, and Novice Guardian are three new titles.
  • Along with the Halloween theme, a new Halloween mode
  • UI upgrade
  • Gear Front, a new mode
  • Vehicle Parking
  • fresh, potent throwable
  • both a mountain bike and a cycle stand
  • newly launched player
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