PS5 Update Rolled out With 1440p Resolution

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PS5 Update Rolled out With 1440p Resolution

 A new Playstation 5 software update has been announced by Sony. The highly anticipated PS5 update, which was released globally, offers a tonne of features after passing numerous beta tests. The firm has introduced 1440p support, improved audio settings, game lists, and many more features with this new version that improve the gaming experience.

If one has a monitor or TV that works with PS5 games, they can take advantage of this new functionality. This means all you need to do is to modify the screen settings offering improved visual quality. For the 1440p video outputs to produce images with smooth edges, stronger graphics are required.

By selecting the collection tab in this new version, users can create 15 game lists from the games library. One can add up to 100 titles to each list and can select from digital, disc, or streaming games.

This new upgrade will undoubtedly be welcomed by gamers as it makes it simpler to play games with friends. This can be accomplished by using the screen’s feature that lets you send a direct invitation to friends to participate and watch games. Simply go to Voice chat, select your friend’s name, and submit a request. On the other hand, if you are the player who joined the game, a notification will appear on your screen inviting you to join.

The following new PS5 system software features are now available worldwide:

  • HDMI video output in 1440p
  • New PS5 UX features and social features for game lists

Other enhancements, such as the option to compare stereo and 3D audio settings on one screen before choosing your preference, are made in addition to the aforementioned functions.

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