Pakistani TikToker Nadeem Naniwala arrested for ‘kidnapping’ YouTuber in Sialkot

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Pakistani TikToker Nadeem Naniwala arrested for ‘kidnapping’ YouTuber in Sialkot

 Roasting is a common activity among content providers on social media in order to gain views. They are able to communicate with one another about their material or the exercise they are carrying out through roasting. One such instance occurred when a YouTuber named Ahmed Ali burned a well-known Pakistani TikToker named Nadeem Mubarak Alias Naniwala. TikToker Nadeem Mubarak kidnapped YouTuber Ahmed Ali instead of the customary practise of these social media creators making videos about each other as a response.

Nadeem Mubarak had previously threatened the victim for recording a video against him in an online scuffle. While things should have ended there, Naniwala and his four companions travelled to the Daska district of Sialkot, where he met YouTuber Ahmed Ali and his brother. Fortunately, Ahmed Ali’s brother was fortunate in fleeing the place.

After the victim’s brother filed a report under Section 365, police acted quickly and were able to recover the youtube. Sialkot Police, on the other hand, verified the arrest of Nadeem Naniwala for kidnapping in a tweet. Tiktoker and his friends allegedly assaulted YouTuber Ahmed and took him somewhere without his will.

The Sialkot DPO has investigated the event and assured that justice is done in this case.

Without a doubt, roasting each other is not a nice thing, but responding to it by kidnapping someone is extremely savage. We appear to have run out of patience. This tragedy is heartbreaking and serves as a reminder that we, as a nation, must strive to improve.

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