New Gameplay Trailer For Tekken 8 Announced Officially

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New Gameplay Trailer For Tekken 8 Announced Officially

 The gameplay footage in this teaser is taken directly from the PlayStation 5 version of the Tekken 8 story mode, which is currently in development. That is, they are identical to the game’s character models, environments, and effects. Although it appears to be from the game’s story mode, the clip was actually created in real-time at a frame rate of 60, just as it would be in the game’s versus battle modes. When the game is finally released, the effects, dialogue, and camera angle may change.

Story mode pre-rendered movies have always been a highlight of the Tekken franchise. More than that, we have a lot more cool Tekken 8 content for you to check out. However, we chose to emphasise the PS5-optimized content in our initial announcement.

This high quality standard can be seen in the newly modelled playable characters in the trailer. These are easily distinguished from the current Tekken 7. Elements such as how water drops flow down the characters’ skin in less than a minute. This is not pre-rendered footage; rather, it is what you will see on the game screen.

The storm is rendered so realistically that you can feel the wind’s pressure and the intensity of the rain, and if you look closely, you can see dynamic waves and tornadoes in the battle’s background.

All of these are intended to be used during the game’s battle stage. Obviously, we are working hard to improve the quality even further. The latest build is getting better by the day; in the distance, a massive tanker is approaching the shore, and large flames are erupting near where the character is standing. We can’t wait for you to see them in action!

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The Tekken series is also known for having the longest-running plot in video game history. As mentioned in Tekken 7’s post-credits speech, Tekken 8 will feature a duel between Kazuya and his son, Jin Kazama. We can’t wait for you to play the game and discover what that mysterious sequence in the trailer means and how it connects to the larger story.

However, the game is still in the works. The development team is devoting extra time and effort to making this game exciting.

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