Modern Warfare II Will introduce Destiny-style Raids

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Modern Warfare II Will introduce Destiny-style Raids

 Modern Warfare II is set to be one of the most complex and diverse Call of Duty titles yet, with Destiny-style Raids included in the game’s release.

Call of Duty Next has been rife with significant announcements for all three upcoming titles in the franchise: Modern Warfare II, Warzone 2, and Warzone Mobile. Not only will Warzone 2.0 receive new modes, such as the now-confirmed sandbox DMZ mode, but Infinity Ward has also been hard at work developing new Call of Duty experiences for MW2.

At the Call of Duty: NEXT showcase, Activision did confirm that raids will be available during season 1. Which is due on November 16, so raids should begin then. Most details are being withheld by the publisher.

It’s close to the vest. However, based on the sounds of the extremely limited information, raid material appears to be comparable to Destiny 2 raids. To some extent, at least.

It is unknown how difficult Activision’s raids are. To complete the content, however, some form of collaboration will be required. The raids will be three-on-three. As a result, they are unlikely to cover as much ground as raids in Destiny 2. This is a six-person task.

In terms of raid queueing and grouping, Infinity Ward may outperform Bungie significantly. For any of its endgame content, Bungie does not provide matchmaking; you must enter with a preset.

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