“iPhone 14 USB” Search reached 300% over 12 months

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“iPhone 14 USB” Search reached 300% over 12 months

 The popularity of the iPhone 14 USB has increased by 390% over the past five years, according to research on Google done by Wisetek, an IT asset re-use and disposition firm. They disclosed that the results of the survey showed that iPhone users were not particularly interested in the lightning port and were willing to forego it in favour of type C USB.

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 12 series in October 2020, these USB ports achieved their zenith. First-generation USB iPhones reached users for the first time at that time. From that time search engine searches are filled with users’ requests searching for such devices.

Sadly, the iPhone 13 series does not include the same charging port because Users were not pleased with it. Wisetek pointed out the following while discussing consumer dissatisfaction: It also showed that searches for the term “USB” have consistently increased in popularity. By August 2022, popularity will have increased by 334%.

People are looking for terms like “iPhone 14 Pro USB C” and “will iPhone 14 have USB C” when conducting searches on Google. These searches have apparently increased by 190% and 100%, respectively, over the past 12 months.

Searches for “iPhone USB C or Lightning” were conducted by 82% of users. While businesses often prioritise serving the needs of their customers, it appears Apple has different priorities given that the company has decided to continue using lightning-powered iPhones for an additional year. Sad but accurate

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