Hyundai Vehicle Delivery Time Reduced to One Month

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Hyundai Vehicle Delivery Time Reduced to One Month

 Hyundai Nishat Motors Private Limited (HNMPL) is accepting reservations for its vehicles with one-month delivery windows.

Say yes to your ideal car and say no to waiting, the message on the company’s social media post reads. Within a month, you can order a new Hyundai and have it delivered. To take advantage of this brief promotion, go to the Hyundai dealership closest to you.

Automakers including Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, and others are experiencing serious supply chain problems, which have increased their delivery times to eight months. HNMPL has taken advantage of the circumstance by introducing this short-term promotion in an effort to boost sales.

A Similar Tactic

With a “minimum” delivery time of one month, Kia Lucky Motor Corporation (KLMC) recently reopened the bookings for its vehicles. A few days after the administration decided to loosen import limits, this development happened.

However, some sources claimed that the corporation cut back on delivery times since there was less of a demand for their vehicles when the price and tax rates were raised. If so, HNMPL and other premium automakers are in the same situation as KLMC.

In the next months, it will be fascinating to see if this offer is still valid, but it all relies on how the US Dollar exchange rate changes.

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