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How to Use New Podcasts Feature on Twitter

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How to Use New Podcasts Feature on Twitter

 People use the popular social media site Twitter to express their ideas through Tweets. Like other platforms, Twitter occasionally introduces fresh, eye-catching features to keep users interested. They recently added the Tweet CoTweet function, which enables two users to work together on a single tweet. In the most recent update to the Twitter app, the Spaces tab, they added the Podcasts features. Twitter claims that this new function will attract more audio producers to the service.

Users will locate the places and podcasts simply thanks to the redesigned Spaces tab’s appearance. Users can also access the live and recorded items. Twitter will recommend podcasts to users based on user data. The user’s ability to get better suggestions will be improved by enjoying and hating the podcast.

How to Access and Join Podcasts on Twitter

When you open the Twitter app, you will see a microphone icon in the page’s middle.

Two parts, including Happening Now, can be found by touching the

  •  Microphone symbol.
  • Write these down on your calendar.

You can find a variety of topics being discussed by scrolling down further. To subscribe to a podcast, select the one you want and click the Start Listening button.

You’ll be able to hear the chat now. Twitter by default mutes your microphone while you participate in the discussion. To speak, press the Request button.

How to Start Your Podcast on Twitter

  1. Click the Microphone icon on the home page of the Twitter app.
  2. Tap the purple microphone icon with the plus sign on the Spaces tab.
  3. Give your Space a name, add topics, and indicate whether or not you wish to record it. Last but not least, press the Start your Space button.

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