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How to Update Zoom on Chromebook in 2 Ways

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How to Update Zoom on Chromebook in 2 Ways

 Zoom is a crucial tool for connecting with business contacts around the globe. You could download the Zoom app from the Chrome Web Store if you have a Chromebook. It is available for download from the Google Play Store for the supported devices. If you discover that the Zoom Meeting app on your Chromebook is still using an outdated version, you must update it right away to take advantage of the newest features.

How to Update Zoom on Chromebook By Restarting

  1. Choose the toolbar in the lower right corner of the Chromebook’s main screen. It will launch a pop-up menu where you might see many choices. You can turn off your device by selecting the Power button. Holding down the keyboard’s Power button while selecting the Shut down option will also turn it off.
  2. Your Chromebook should be turned on after closing down. The most recent Zoom version will be installed after restarting.
  3. Open the Zoom app and begin corresponding with the contacts.

How to Update Zoom on Chromebook Manually

  1. On the Chromebook, tap the launch icon located in the bottom left.
  2. Launch the Zoom app by searching for it.
  3. Click the Settings button.
  4. Check the Zoom app’s current version on the About tab.
  5. Compare it now to the one seen on the Chrome Web Store page.
  6. Restart the Chromebook to install the most recent version if you’re still using an earlier version. Uninstall the Zoom app and reinstall it if the most recent version won’t install.
  7. Search for the Zoom app on the Chrome Web Store.
  8. Choose the app, then remove it from the store.
  9. To install the most recent Zoom version, tap the Add to Chrome button now.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to change the name of zoom on Chromebook?

  • Sign in with your Zoom account if you wish to alter your name on your Chromebook.
  • Now choose Profile from the menu.
  • Click the Edit button next to your Account name.
  • Change your display name by editing it and then clicking the Save button.

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